Thursday, January 01, 2004

Guest Blogging on other Blogs

Having links on other blogs is good for your link popularity, and helps improve your ranking on Google, but does it bring traffic to your site? Sometimes, yes, but wouldn't it be better to have a mention in a post on someone else's blog? It is flattering when someone mentions your blog in a post, however this is out of your control. Ensuring you have good content will help this, but there is another way to achieve this: guest blogging. You already have a list of people who exchanged links with you, why not ask them if you can have one of your posts on their site? At the end of the post you can have a link back to your site so if their readers like what you write they can see more. This helps you to reach into the audience of their blogs more deeply than just being in a list of links in their sidebar. Choose carefully who you ask to guest blog - make sure you have a post that is relevant to their site. Send the entire post to them and let them decide whether or not they will publish it. Be prepared to accept guest posts from others yourself and invite the people you contact to do so. You will be surprised how many will say yes. I have had several blogs publish my posts, and in return I have published theirs on my Noo Meeja blog. Some blogs may even give you an account to blog directly to their site, so you can add posts regularly. Try also finding candidates for guest blogging in one of the several blogging forums - Blogger Talk is a good place to start and this topic is often discussed. Forums are also great places to swap links with other blogs. When using forums don't forget to create a signature with links back to your blog(s) - this is an easy way to build up links back to your site for search engines, and other forum users.

So far I haven't had any guest blogs on this site, but I am open to suggestions - send me a mail if you are interested.


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