Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Stemming - what is that all about then?

Wayne Hurlbert has written an interesting article on the recent changes to Google's algorithms. Apparently they are now using a feature called stemming to organize search results. What is stemming? Stemming is the practice of searching for other forms of a word or it's synonyms. This means that Google no longer searches for only web pages containing the words you searched on.

In the past, many website owners were able to trick Google into making their sites look the most relevant by planting keywords in their site strategically. As Wayne quite rightly remarks, this caused a big problem: "Website copywriting became bland and keyword laden, as the search word was targeted (some say saturated). The result spewed out was copy that was not pleasant to read."

This change means business bloggers no longer need to worry about adding keywords to your posts and making the text look clumsy. Surfers will find our site because they are getting results based on the topic they are looking for, not just sites with their keywords. Stay true to your chosen theme and write often and your blog will benefit from this change. For details, read the original post on Blog Business World


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