Saturday, January 10, 2004

Finding more Information about Your Competitors

In my previous post, "Who is referring to you?", I recommended looking at the log files of similar or competitor's blogs as a good way to find new blogs or sites to exchange links with. If these sites are sending traffic to similar blogs as your own then they will send traffic to your site as well. Not everyone publishes their log files, however there is another way to find out who links to these blogs:

Do a search on Technorati or Truth Laid Bear to find out which blogs are linking to the chosen blog. These are by no means definitive lists as they only list blogs the site is aware of. The Truth Laid Bear site is also quite amusing, as it gives you a score in the ecosystem of blogging. Here's my score:

You can also use Google to do this, type the URL into the search box and click search. Google will then give you some options to choose from - click on "Find web pages that link to xxxxx " and it will list all sites linking to the blog that have a Page Rank of at least 4.


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