Monday, January 05, 2004

Content is King - Quality Content is the King of Kings

A lot of blogs are self-indulgent, and are really just online diaries. Business bloggers are different - business bloggers need good content, that is regularly updated. You can do all the blog promotion work you can, but what you really need is readers to return or refer you to others. Better yet you is when other bloggers mention your own blog in one of their posts. When a respected blogger mentions your blog that is recognition that you are producing good quality content and is very positive PR. You need to carry on producing great content and do it on a regular basis. Don't worry if you have a writer's block, just blog about something interesting you have seen in another blog or website that is relevant to yours. Blogging regularly also gets your site indexed more frequently by Google, if you have a lull in updating then Google may index your blog less frequently and it can take some time to get it back to the same frequency.

Having said that, the self-titled dullest blog in the world is one of the picks of the year by Yahoo. Quality is not just what you perceive to be quality, its what your readers perceive to be quality, or more importantly what an existing community on the web perceives to be quality. The dullest blog in the world tapped into a community that appreciates quirky and spoof humour.
Once you have established a dialog with your readership's community and begin to understand what interests them then you will know what quality content means to your readers.


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