Wednesday, December 31, 2003

RSS Can Help You to Reach New Users

Continuing the RSS theme, here is one more use for RSS that can benefit your blog. One of the best ways to increase link popularity and reach as many surfers as possible, is to register your blog on as many directories as possible. There are some search engines and directories that only accept RSS feeds. There are also sites that aggregate RSS feeds to create a News or Buzz site. Once your RSS feed is set up, you can submit the URL to these sites to help increase visibility amongst surfers. Unless the URL for your RSS feed contains your blog domain name (if you used blogstreet or another site to create your RSS feed, then it won't include this), it won't help your page rank in Google, but it puts your RSS feed in front of more eyeballs and thus help boost traffic. Here are some RSS search engines and aggregated sites you can submit to:

All Headline News
RDF Ticker


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