Monday, January 12, 2004

Time to get Personal

Should business bloggers get personal on their site? This is a question I asked myself after reading the post "Where Personal and Business Blogs Collide?" on I find myself agreeing with Darren's comment: "I've read a lot of business blogs lately and to be honest I find many of them to be quite boring and sterile.". Its all too easy to make your commercial blog feel like a marketing textbook with no character if you are trying to separate the personal from your business blog.

I agree that all business bloggers need to show some character in their writing, however I feel it shouldn't be taken too far.
If you are writing a blog on say, computer software, people come to your blog expecting to read about software, not to read about an amazing thing that happened to you today. Try to show personality in your posts, that way your blog on computer software will stand out from other computer software blogs. So far I haven't been able to add much character to my writing in this blog as I have written a lot of to-dos, but I will certainly make an effort to do so. My other blog Noo Meeja is often referred to by linking blogs as a humorous take on internet marketing news. I never meant it to be that way, but in doing so I have unconsciously given my blog a personality to stand out from other internet marketing news blogs. However if you feel the need to tell the world about what your cat did today, try and save this for another blog, your own personal blog.

There is also another good reason for this if you are interested in running advertising on your blog. Google will not accept any personal sites into AdSense, and no-one will ever buy a sponsorship on a section of your site, if they feel the theme is not consistent. Add personality to your blog, but remain consistent to your theme. Don't be afraid to have the odd humorous post, but make it topical.


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