Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Webrings can help new Users find your Blog and Increase Link Popularity

As mentioned in a previous post, one can use text ad networks to get links on other sites, to get more traffic to your blog. Webrings can also be used in a similar manner. Webrings have been around for a long time on the web, and are a means by which a group of similar websites can put themselves together as a group and provide links to each other's sites.
Look to the right of this page, underneath the archive links, you will see a webring link for Blogphiles. You will notice there are no details about the sites this links to in the ring, merely "next site" or "previous site" in the ring. However one can be assured that these sites will be of a similar nature to the site one is reading. There is also a link to see a list of all the sites in the webring - this will take you to a directory of the sites in the ring. This is interesting as it also gives your blog a new directory to be found in, which of course means links to your site that search engines can find as well as surfers. Also, your blog will be linked to by other blogs in the webring, and that will be clicked on by new users or search engine spiders too.

There are many webrings available, and a growing number of webrings devoted to blogs. Check out the list of blog webrings at ODP, or look at sites that are similar in content to your blog and blogs you are already linking to. Blog readers like to browse the web via links for other blogs, so joining a webring gives them more opportunity and gives you more opportunity to be found. The secret is in finding a webring that is relevant for your blog - if there are none, you can use some of the generic blog rings, such as Blogphiles.


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