Sunday, January 11, 2004

Tell your Audience who Refers to You

I just found this great piece of javascript that allows you to display on your blog all the websites that have referred traffic to your blog in the last 24 hrs. Its called the referrer system.

Why is having a list of referrers on your blog useful?

This is handy to have as it will provide links to other sites for your readers to go to and read similar content to your blog. It also means that you are providing reciprocal links back to those who have mentioned your blog in their website without any extra effort. This all helps to boost your link popularity and provide more reasons for surfers to visit your site. No surfer likes to visit sites that do not provide them a good launch platform for browsing. No surfer wants to get stranded on an island. If readers feel your blog is providing a good launch into browsing the web in their particular area of interest, then many will come to your site for the links as well as your great content. It doesn't matter if users come to your site for a reason other than the content, but if you write great content with great headlines, then visitors cannot ignore it.


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