Tuesday, November 04, 2003

More Reasons To Trade Links

In case you need more reasons to trade links with other bloggers after reading my previous post, Wayne Hurlbert has written a similar encouraging post which I am sure will convince anyone still undecided on this matter.
Monday, November 03, 2003

Increase Link Popularity

If you have read through my previous posts you will have realized now that links are the key to building traffic and improving search engine rankings. You may have already made many links on forums or directories back to your site, but how do you get people to link to you? You could always email the authors of blogs or sites that are relevant to you, mostly these people will be glad to add a link to your blog as long as you link to theirs too. Keep doing this and stay in contact with the most relevant bloggers, and you may even be able to do guest posts in each other's blogs. Some Blogs are multi-author blogs that you can sign up to and start writing your own posts. Blog Search Engine offers a blog like this. Please be sure to keep your posts on-topic or your posts will likely be deleted. Google also penalizes sites that just put self promotional text in other sites' comments sections or forums, so be very careful not to "spam" other blogs.

Another way to get people to link to your blog or exchange posts is to meet other like-minded bloggers in a forum. Bloggertalk is a great example.

The two most important rules to blogging: Keep writing regular posts; keep in touch with fellow bloggers. Simple really and its not much work at all.