Monday, December 29, 2003

Weblog vs Newsletter

The traditional method of providing fresh content and building relationships with users of one's website was newsletters. Why choose a blog over a newsletter? Ripples blog offers some good reasons for using a blog over newsletters. The conclusion is that newsletters are "push" technology and web-logs are "pull". He believes that weblogs are essentially less intrusive and can offer some mini-immortality for articles as users can read them when they want. Newsletters will only live as long as they stay in the recipient's mailbox. Think about - how many times have you deleted newsletters simply because you don't have the time to read them due to having too much other personal email? Your chance to read that story is gone, but with a weblog you can discover it any time. If readers want to have your articles posted to them, you can provide this using RSS feeds - these will not be construed as spam. My next post will cover the topic of RSS feeds on weblogs.


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