Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Newsletters vs RSS

I have advocated RSS in my last posts, however newsletters are still worth looking into. Not everyone has an RSS reader or even knows what this is. Until mainstream applications like MS Outlook support RSS, it will still be smaller than email. Newsletters still have their uses, even though you run the risk of being treated as spam or ignored. You could set up a periodical email with links to your key posts, or much more effectively, you could create an email discussion list to generate debates around the topic of your blog - this can provide you with items to mention in your main blog as well. The easiest way to set up a newsletter or discussion list is to create a group in Yahoo! This will cost you nothing and you don't have to maintain subscriptions yourself. Sending a mail to the list is simple, just send it to the group's email address and its done - hey presto you have a newsletter or discussion forum!
Once the mailing list gets bigger and bigger you should look at options to manage your own list, which you can then use to create content on your site by publishing the archives.


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