Monday, December 29, 2003

Make a Blog for your Affiliate Site

Following on from the last topic of adding affiliate links to your blog, owners of affiliate sites (sites primarily promoting affiliate partnerships with select companies) can get significant help from creating a complimentary web-log. There are thousands of shopping sites, and just as many affiliate sites, so getting noticed amongst the crowd can be very hard. However, if you set up a blog which you can use to mention the products you are pushing for affiliate partners, you can find your search results dramatically improving on Google and other search engines. Good use of keywords can get your site more highly ranked for products you are promoting, and search engines like site that are regularly updated. Adding fresh content can bring users back to your site and it doesn't require much work. Due to the interlinked nature of blogs, your page rank will increase and thus improve your search ranking on Google. Following the same steps as below, building reciprocal links will help improve your Page Rank - the fact that your blog is linked to your main affiliate site will have a knoc-on effect tand improve rankings for these pages. So, if you have an affiliate site and are disappointed with your traffic, give it a go - it won't cost much and wont take up much time.


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