Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Could Blogs replace Consumer Reports?

I was recently directed to a blog that has a detailed report on Mr Clean Magic Erasers. The author is ecstatic about the effects of the eraser: "Overall, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser more than lives up to the claims. It is an outstanding product that works exceedingly well."
First glance and you may think "dude, get a life" - but really this is a great piece of free advertising for the Mr Clean product. A totally independent Joe Public gives your product a rave write up. This is a great example of how blogs can be benefit businesses - instead of writing your own blog, you can instead harness the speaker's corner mentality to have bloggers report on your products in the same way that movie makers have been using the independent critics on the web. Scroll down the posting and you will see many comments from readers who agree, they are further building the brand's reputation. Over time this praise will spread around the internet like a virus.


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