Monday, May 24, 2004

Google vs Spyware

Google have put a lot of thought into improving the online experience of its users. They are alarmed at the growing disregard for computer user's rights by unscrupulous spyware software that tricks you in order to serve you pop-up ads, connect your modem to expensive toll numbers or hijack your browser from the site you're trying to visit.

So what are they going to do about it? Google has stepped up to the pulpit and pledges to do their best to remove spyware from the internet through a new "set of principles we[Google] believe our industry should adopt and we're sharing them to foster discussion and help solve the problem."

Sounds good? Hang on, why are Google doing this on their own. Surely they should be lobbying the internet advertising trade bodies first? Maybe they have, maybe Google believes as internet pioneers they need to set an example for others to follow, regardless of the well-meaning agendas of the trade bodies?

Perhaps not - it looks as though Google is tapping into the democratic nature of the internet and realising it not just an audience of consumers at the mercy of marketers. If they spread the word amongst the internet populace then the people can rise and put an end to the "spyware" oppression.

Google Corporate Information: Software Principles


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